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Hoyle Board Games

All of the background music that you can buy with your Hoyle bucks in the game will not show up in the selection list under enviroments , I know this works cause it works in the Hoyle Card Games app. Please fix this. I have already deleted and reinstalled the program a couple of times but no change

Stopped working

I actually love this game but, recently it has stopped working. Please update the app so I can continue on with the game.

Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games

I wanted a refund for this game the minute I opened it. I like to play the tile matching Mah Jongg game and have always had this Hoyle product on my PC, for years and years, but the version I just downloaded onto my Mac will not let you have all of the tiles facing up! Your choices are either to have them all facing down, or only some of them facing up, but for some reason they left out the option of having them all face up, like their game always had in past iterations. For me it’s worthless, $14.99 down the tubes. Beware, if you like Mah Jong!

Love the games…..but….

When I updated to the newest version the update deleted my player, all my earnings, and all my purchases. It is not a life altering failure, but it was slightly irritating. Outside of that, I still love the games! I also wish the developer would update this to be full screen on retina displays. Currently in full screen it is a square, much like playing a game in 1995. Please send out an update!

Thanks App Store for Fixing the Problem

Thanks App Store for fixing the problem. Finally able to download and use the application again. Love this game!!

App won’t open after 11/13/15

Bought this in 2012 and played it every night…at least until I installed El Captain. The app no longer opens as of 11/13/15. Beware of spending your money until issue is fixed.

Me Too

No longer opens for me either. I have the same symptoms as other November 2015 posts.

what’s wrong w/ this app?

As guesswho and Seanw1 have stated- Every time I try to use this game I get a message that it is damaged, can’t be opened, delete and download again. But it won’t download tho I’ve tried and tried again. And not being tech savvy I can’t get thru to anyone to help. Oh for the good old days when games came on disc and were easy to reload. So like guesswho the money’s spent and I’ve nothing to show for it.

hoyle puzzle and board games

had this game for a couple of years. all of a sudden it says corrupt file to delete and reinstall. I installed and deleted it about 6 times. Still can’t download it. Are other people having this problem all of a sudden!!!!

Used to love it :(

As of today, this app no longer opens. I get an error message saying it needs to be verified and then nothing happens. I have been playing this game for over a year and a half with no problems and am unaware of any recent updates or changes to my computer that would cause this. (The Hoyle Card Games app still works great). I would not purchase this app until this issue has been resolved. I tried going to the Encore Support site to report and troubleshoot, but cannot find the mac app store version on their list. So, until further notice, I am not a fan.

hoyle puzzle

have used for many months - now says corrupt and to delete and reinstall - tried four times - still says corrupt - have paid $14.99 for this and now cannot use

So much right, yet so much wrong

I loved playing these games in the early 2000s — they kept us busy for hours. So I was thrilled to see the EXACT same game (characters and all) downloadable and ready to play on mac and pcs. But when they left everything in, they left in all the bad things from the old gaming. No new characters, no new graphics, no connecting via social media or even other web based players; no new options. Exactly the same means exactly the same. And I like the old, but Hoyle could have updated the game without making drastic changes. One of my worst pet peeves about it is that quitting requires extra steps. “Are you sure you want to quit?” Really, Hoyle? It’s no wonder Hoyle was left behind as the world moved to the web. But for those who want to reminisce and wish that Hoyle would update its games in it’s great Hoyle style — I’d suggest this bundle of fun, if outdated, games.

Finally game play returns!

Playing the games has finally been returned to center stage in this version. No more huge rooms with small tables & smaller game boards. Plays very like the wonderful versions from five years ago. Both fun and challenging---Hoyle Puzzle & Board Games is back!

A bit annoying that it deletes all saved player info...

…but other than that, no complaints. This is a terrific suite of games.

Crashes, Games Glitch & Mission Control Does Not Work

This current version of the game does not respond to Mission Control and you cannot access anything else on your Mac until the games is closed. Also the game Panic (Tetris knockoff) does not work. I have tried it twice resulting in 1 crash and 1 game glich where the pieces got stuck in midair. I got this current App version because the old CD version of the game quit responding to Mission Control a few OS X updates ago. I assumed that for it to be released in the App store they would have to show the program works properly on the current OS X. WRONG! Not only is the Mission Control problem NOT fixed. The app is not stable and crashes and the games themselves that were stable in the old version now do not work correctly! There are 2 games in the collection that I really like, but this app is not worth $1 let alone $20. I am very dissappointed that the Apple App store would allow something this unstable to be sold.

Nice collection of games

Not sure why there are so many negative reviews about this app. This is a great collection of Hoyle games. I have yet to have a single crash or such on my MBP after hours of playing this app, and it using the full screen too. I do think it is a tad pricey, but not by much. Always amazed how much some people complain about price, but buy expensive coffee (and such) and don't bat an eyelash about that. Highly recommended in my book, and worth every penny!


I've been nursing along our original iMac (bought in 2000, maybe?) using it for the orginal version of this game package, daily. It's so nice to finally have these games updated to the latest iMacs, with most of the old games and some new ones! I've had it a week and love it!


I like the games they have, but I would love to see them list all 1000 games! If they are there, I can't find them. I'm not happy about the false advertising. Margaret

Bummer :-(

Totally not worth the $20.00. Not sure I'd even pay $2.00. I have uninstalled it after less than 24 hours of downloading and playing only 10 minutes. Do not purchase!

Definitely not a $20 app

There certainly were not "over 1,000 games" with this app. More like 20, and not even good ones.


If it only lived up to the write up .

Oh Really!?

Really archaic interface and software, barely adapted for OSX. If you have nostalgia Windows '98 game play, may be a reason to get this. Either full screen option or fixed window size, archaic graphics and AI, really an embarassment for the app store to sell, and for $19;95! OOPS, my big mistake!


After reading the first review decided to go ahead and buy this game. It is really nice and the reviewer was correct it is worth the price. I think Hoyle is finally getting it for the Mac games.

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Worth the price!

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